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Find different types of tax free liquor in the duty free store of Basel. The best brands of liquor, ideal to give as an elegant and different gift. Enjoy the best liquor at a tax free price, perfect to drink after you eat or on special occasions.

Celebrate with your friends with a bottle of liquor that you can buy in the Basel duty free store and savor a sweetened herbal liquor such as Jägermeister or the fruity flavor of liquor such as Southern Comfort whiskey. If you prefer a sweeter taste, in the Basel duty free store you can find whiskey such as Glayva, which offers a rich and surprising taste thanks to the incorporation of sweet honey and special herbs during the production process, or buy a bottle of caramel level vodka, ideal to enjoy a drink with your family and friends.

In addition, you can find local liquor that can help you get to know your destination country a little better, or secure a bottle of your favorite liquor at a tax free price. Place your order on the Basel duty free website and collect your order in the duty free store at the Basel Airport.